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Wing Chun is a Martial Art and Combat System from Southern China. Ng Mui a Shaolin Nun passed a new set of Skills onto a young girl who was having a lot of trouble with Local War Lords. Her name was Yim Wing Chun. Yim used these new skills allegedly derived from the actions of a snake and crane fighting to defeat her enemies and save her self from forced Marrige. Many People over the last 300 or so years have impacted on Wing Chun but 2 of the most famous must be Great Grand Master Ip Man who tought the system to the Legendary Bruce Lee. The idea behind this is Combat System is We don’t fight force head on but yield, wedge and deflect. Our System works along Centreline Theory and as the fastest rout from A to B is a straight line we hit through the centre in a straight line providing efficient pathways for the Offensive/Defensive tools we have. The Centreline is an invisible line we Defend and Attack. We Shift our Stance and Weight to move our Centreline to protect ourselves in conjunction with Wing Chun Techniques (Tan Da, Bong Sau etc…) and create power by rotating. We also use Dropping Power! Developed in our two main Stances Kim Yeung Ma and Biu Ma. Our Bread and Butter is the Chain Punch, a rapid system of punching similar to a Machine Gun. Wing Chun is Known as the AK47 of Martial Arts.



This is our Bread and Butter, a close rapid punch technique that follows a straight line to the opponent. As one punch blasts forward and hits our other hand is ready just behind it and replaces the previous punch, this continues until there is nothing left to punch, just like a machine gun.

                        This is the AK47 of punching!!!

SiL Lim Tau

Sil Lim Tau (Little Idea)- The Mother Form!

The First of Three Barehand Forms. This teaches the Basics and is regarded as the most important Form respectively. Wing Chun forms are like text books encompassing everything we use. This Form has the essentials - Structure, Rooting, Centerline use, the seeds of Wing Chun ( Tan, Bong, Fook sau), the correct use of Energy, meditation, correct positioning, immovable elbow theory and much much more. After developing Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee still kept to his origional Wing Chun by developing his Sil Lim Tau daily!

                       As you grow, so will your Sil Lim Tau!!!!!

Chum Kiu

Chum Kiu (Bridge Seeking). The Second of Three Barehand Forms. Builds on your knowledge of Wing Chun and what you have learned at Sil Lim Tau. You are entering a new dimension with this form by learning to actively find or chase down your opponent. Now you also develop turning power, footwork, new angles and much more. Some argue that you are complete knowing just Sil Lim Tau and Chum Kiu such is there importance and effectiveness!

Biu Jee

Biu Jee (Thrusting Fingers). Not traditionally shown to people outside of the inner core of Sifu's (Teacher's) students. Evan Bruce Lee was not shown this by Great Grand Master Ip Man! This has a very heavy emphasis on Finger strikes, Elbow work and new use for energy we have already developed. Recovery or Emergency techniques are taught in this Final Barehand form of our wonderful System. You will discover the tools in here are the Swis Army Knife of Wing Chun!

Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Jong)

The Ultimate Training Tool! The Form is an excellent way to practise your Wing Chun but there are also drills, conditioning exercises etc and its perfect to use as a training partner, someone who will never get tired and let you practise your Wing Chun on him whenever you want. Develop power through application and Skill using this awesome device!

Six & a half point pole (Luk Dim Boon Gaun)


An Excellent training aid and comes complete with its own Form (One of Two weapons Forms) Builds power in our stance, Trunk/Core Power and better co-ordination and understanding of our Wing Chun. Awesome drills for building striking power in our centerline punch and strengthening our joints.

Eight cutting blades (Bart Cham Dao)


This Weapons form (One of the Two Weapons Forms in Wing Chun) reinforces previously trained forms and adds again with new footwork and also a series of sections that will teach techniques transferable to other weapons. Although a Weapons form Bart Cham Dao develops your open hand Wing Chun superbly, builds joint strength especially in the wrist and teaches better movement, especially deflections. This is also known as Butterfly Swords/Knives.

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